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The only thing certain about life is that nothing is certain; it’s a motion of continuous and everlasting change. 
Just like the tiny seed that goes through many phases before turning into a blossoming rose, our lives too are filled with journeys that transform us from inside and out. But if we resist or deny the present, we may never discover our true purpose or the greatness that lives within us. Instead of embracing the now we often choose to resist it, causing us to live a life of anxiety and stress, while experiencing feelings of emptiness or frustration.

If someone would offer us a ticket to the most amazing journey ever, most of us would say yes in a heartbeat.
Yet, what we often fail to recognize is that we already hold this ticket in our hands. A ticket to many unforgettable journeys -  within, with nature and with others.

bSaka's philosophy is to be a reminder of this, and to inspire a mindful living that can create balance in our lives.